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Brand chromatic color semantics
Always you were finding a color to represent anything but to do this is dangerous or only illusion.
Why is it an illusion? Well the reason is that the colors have 2 values the values that have physics and the semiotic value. When you take a project or work you need question yourself of the use of determined colors. It is useful remembered to implications of the colors these depends on the nature and the cultural perspective. Of own experiences will be the value of the colors. Not it’s the same color the green tree that the green pantone or the green hornet, that different colors but this are in area of the color green.
Sometimes you can remember a color that you see in nature or referenced in the history  like Tyrian purple that is a finesse color on the story but actually you don’t have 1 color in this case you have 7or 15 variations of the same color. As you can see having a color in a brand is something that is patented and you need to save your color on all the possible variants which will be presented. Sometimes a brand looking to have a unique color, safeguard at all costs, like red coke.
If there were hardly would learn colors, the colors complete our understanding of the world around us. Learn for good or bad times and these are related, there are people who do not want to see red blood that reminds his wounds and when they see the red relate it to something bad, but clarified, the colors do not have any side. But depending on the context will be the meaning of colors as in the case of the traffic light.
The colors are the spirit of the brand, see all colorless and takes away some efficacy authentically when the form is not the strongest of a brand, so it is important that the color coexist with the way because it gives us a context where the meaning of color live. A brand needs of color to convey his message and be identified. If teaching people is easier than identify the brand even though not received all the information that is ideal.
Remember it’s important don’t make trials presumptuous or provide one thing to have all the information.

How to begin now a freelance
They say: it´s good to own your own life, as also happens in business and that´s as a freelance. Being an entrepreneur is complicated but If you want to succeed being your own boss, you should follow these polite recommendations because like it or not, is the best that you could start.Things like having good reputation, an excellent portfolio and your workplace will ensure that your investment. Besides being required and that like it or not, if you want perceive a gain, starts well. As a first step, Reputation is what the people say about your so get yourself, it is itself a reference, can be real or fake. It is best to build a good reputation can start with something as real and not real time again, but it's best to have your real basis to avoid disappointments. Make sure it is good a register your name but remembers check if another does not exist before. This avoids problems. Your name is only part of the construction of the image so it's always good a portfolio, it is a good hook to catch clients or contracts in your business, present your best work and get physics versions, You can also use a gallery, an album, everything you need to show your work and make an online version of this, with a direction easy to remember and find. We know that at first without a fixed income shopped this at your fingertips, but you must not forget to customize it to try to separate it from your home. Get or build your place to work in what you feel free to do. Making this you feel better however do. Wherever you work keep clean your workplace, always is necessary organize everything and pay attention. Be professional also means being clean, Don´t be lazy. Be a good professional with your place and portfolio to successful. Follow these recommendations and you could be happy in your business. so just remember, it's just a matter of trying.

Why the water is better than soda?
Whenever, we want to calm thirst. We face the fact that water does not taste good like soda or others drinks, but you have the option this will be time for better life although. In a meal it is best to have a flavored drink for enjoyment but first is healthy if you want improve your health will be better to change your intake of soda for water.
Accurate measurement and excess in drinks can be the difference. For example Water acts as a regulator of the digestive system but can be drain your body if you drink too much water. At difference of Soda, who fills your body of energy if you drink a little portion .This energy is for only a few minutes and you get a gain weight and insomnia.
Is necessary make references Greater beneficial health with this change Water is great regulator of humor and recovery health since our body is composed of 70% of water. In the case Soda resolves a few things but produces thirsty and anxiety, changed your levels of body water.
you can won some Kidney problems and gain weight in fat that Soda replaces the natural use of the fat in the body ,replaced this for the sugar given that the liver cannot process all sugar that consume all day , which generates increased body fat. For another part water cleanses urinary systems and help to lost weight. Obviously the change is more notable if you make exercise.
I recommend try to increase your water intake. Don’t take too much and if you cannot avoid drinking soda, reduce consume of this carbonated drinks. Ge

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