viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011


Victim of crime

Go to Tijuana is one of the things more simple and easy to do, if you live in Baja California. Unfortunately, the city has been involved in violent events and also I was part of these events because they wanted to steal my "suburban" of the family at gunpoint. Lamentably, being a victim of crime in Tijuana is one of the things more terrifying that you can pass due to the fact that the a border area many people come. All of them unknown face, and different names willing to improve their life at any cost.

My experience violent in Tijuana it happened one night warm, dark, my older sister was across the street from apple singing, because she was part of a choir. My family and I were at home resting, because he had been a day very hectic for all, my mother thought that make eating for all and my father and my grandmother watched television.

My father was agreed because of claims of my mother who had left the things within the "suburban", he was too tired I don't blame her and my mother thought in the visit that we would have on the part of my uncles, and my grandmother had been asleep. My father decided to send me the supplies and luggage inside the vehicle.

Go down the stairs and remove the alarm of the vehicle, at a distance are approaching toward my two subjects who walked from a slow, I ignore and I arranged to download things. Between the vehicle was pulling the bags when suddenly when they leave a bar touched between my neck and my back. I felt a chill and suspected what they wanted. The subject that threatens me with the gun said: give me the keys. I turn slowly and look at the pistol and returned to me the keys.

The other subject removed them from their clothes a machete, ultimately if the weapon was to scare me, the machete would be used to freshen into pieces, I begged him to calm down and that they did nothing, the subject she smiled and returned to resign the keys. So ignore all logic and suddenly pulled him a kick in the stomach of the cracker while took the hand that fastened gun. The other subject was surprised and ran toward with the machete, also the kick.

Expected at any time to hear the sound of the gun going through meat, I ran around the "suburban" shouting and there was no one, not passing cars in the most populated city in Baja California, the subject I pointed and ran to the other side. IT WAS A F**KED MACABRE JOKE. Could die at any moment, and no one could help was going to die alone. The thieves despair and decided to flee better; I was upset at that time. They ran to my left and went away, I for my part I shut the truck; I put the alarm and ran to the house looking for a knife to prosecute the thieves.

My parents saw me tampered with by the entering the house and find the knife, my father stopped me, I subject the hands and I asked him what had happened, I only expressed; I have to go by them. After that I cried frightened, my parents tried to calm down and we hope to reach my sister, the things we have made it, not reported or anything. They did not believe that I beyond past.

The moral of this is that if you are going to Tijuana, accompanied by always watch an emergency plan and ha that the thieves lose their time if you want to survive.

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